Cabinet And Woodwork Refinishing

Over time all woodwork requires refinishing. Wear and tear, fading, chipping, yellowing, whiting out from moisture are all signs that a new finish is in order. A new finish will not only enhance the appearance of the wood but also protect from use and isolate from moisture while yielding another twenty to thirty years of beauty to the woodwork that so pleasingly graces the appearance and value of your home.
At Shinn Painting, woodwork refinishing is our forte. Since 1982 we have been going into homes and businesses bringing new life to existing kitchen, bath cabinets and a wide variety of wood finishes. Many times we refinish woodwork throughout the home or office, changing tired dull finishes on doors, jambs and casings, crown, base, chairrail/beadboard, windows and trim and staircase systems into new lustrous finishes that look like something out of Architectural Digest. All of our products are hand finished to bring old world warmth and depth of color to reveal the natural textures and grains that the wood can showcase. We not only finish new and existing woodwork to reflect natural finishes, we also enamel woodwork. We have changed entire homes from stained woodwork to enameled wood, sometimes with antiquing and/or glazing. The color combinations are endless. Again, all our finishes are hand applied, no spraying. We complete all work on site. We use petroleum products only, no lacquers or waterborne products. This type of finishing dates back to the forties. It is tried and true and very old hat. It is the kind of finish I think you will love.
If you would like to get a quote or maybe just see some samples, please call me Guy at Guy Shinn Painting (208-376-7102). We would like very much to be your cabinet/woodwork refinisher!

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