Lead Based Paint Removal

Shinn Painting is a certified and licensed lead paint removal company. Lead -Based paint is poisonous. You may unknowingly contaminate your home, yard or your neighbor’s property by dry sanding, pressure washing, scraping lead based paint. Even if the lead based paint has been covered by a newer paint, the cracking and chipping of this paint will expose the lead paint. The smallest lead paint particles are not visual to the naked eye and can get into the body. It is dangerous to inhale and swallow.

Because of these dangers and to protect everyone against exposure risks the EPA has issued a “RRP Rule”, requiring the use of lead safe work practices during renovations in pre-1978 housing and child occupied places.

As of April 22, 2010, renovator’s MUST be EPA Certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. The Rule Effects the Following:

Renovation and remodeling Contractors, Maintenance Workers, Painters and other specialty trades as well as anyone paid to do work that disturbs 6 sq. ft (interior) or 20 sq. ft exterior of painted surfaces.

When hiring a professional be sure that they are certified to Remediate your lead based paint. The fines for ignoring these guidelines are severe along with the health risks. Consider Shinn Painting for your Lead Paint Removal we are Certified/Licensed in the removal of Lead Paint. Call Guy at 208-941-4818 or email him at Guy@shinnpainting.com he would be happy to get you a free bid.
Lead Paint Removal Pamplet

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